Unpack Data

Unpack Data

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Unpack Data Transform

The "Unpack Data Transform" is used to output delimited, XML, or Json data contained within a single column source.

Important Notes

Unpack Data is available for SQL versions 2012 and higher.

As of Feb 2, 2018, DT_EMPTY, DT_NULL and all datatypes that included BYREF have been removed. Any package configured to use these datatypes will error and have to be reconfigured.

 Column With Packed Data - Selects the column that stores the delimited or XML data to be unpacked.

 Input Columns To Include In Unpacked Output - Selects other columns to be included in the Unpacked Output (non-selected columns will continue down the standard output.)

 Packed Data Format - Selects the format of the packed data . Data must be one of the following:

o   Delimited

o   JSON

o   XML

Test Unpack Columns

 Enter Text To Be Used To Test The Unpack Columns - Users can copy and paste a row of packed data into this field to test the component's configuration and output.

 Run Test - Executes a test based on the component's configuration and data pasted into the window above. Results will be displayed in the window below.

Please see the Error Row Handling page for more information about this functionality.


Using the Unpack Data Transform - https://pragmaticworks.wistia.com/medias/ck8msybysw