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DOC xPress produces complete documentation for SQL Server instances. In addition, it enables documentation for Analysis Services (SSAS), Integration Services (SSIS) and Reporting Services (SSRS). Snapshots of the environment can be captured with a few clicks, making it easy to capture what an environment looks like before making changes. Documentation can be produced from any daily snapshot, allowing users to see what the environment looked like in the past. The snapshot and the documentation processes can be scheduled using the command line, allowing integration with popular scheduling utilities. The documentation can be produced in HTML, HTML with frame navigation, RTF, or Word (docx) formats. The contents of the documentation can be customized, both for what is included in the output, as well as the templates to use for each type of object. Speed up your documentation efforts with DOC xPress!

Feature Highlights

  Document your database, SSAS cubes, SSIS packages and SSRS reports

  Generate documents from point in time snapshots

  Customize your documentation output

  Schedule snapshots and documentation from the command line

  64-bit support for documenting enterprise scale database installations

Table of Contents

  Release Notes

  Setup Instructions

o   Hardware Requirements

o   Software Requirements

o   Required Permissions

  Workbench Features


o    Managing Your Solution

o    Data Dictionary

o    Lineage Analysis

o    Metadata Viewer

o    Snapshot Comparison

o    Snapshot Management

  Frequently Asked Questions