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DOC xPress Server brings the metadata capabilities of the DOC xPress desktop application to a web application that you host. DOC xPress Server helps make it much easier to share your documentation, lineage, and data dictionary information to everyone within your organization that requires it. By supporting a web-based user interface, you can provide access to all of your business and technical users, without requiring them to have a desktop installation.

Feature Highlights

  View DOC xPress-generated documentation online, in your web browser.

  Easily share documentation with others in your organization.

  View lineage and impact analysis information online, so that you can easily assess the impact of changes in your database.

  View and edit data dictionary information in-line with the generated documentation.

  Use the Visual Studio add-in to look up information from inside of your development environment.

  Take snapshots of your metadata from the DOC xPress client application, then compare snapshots online, so that you can determine what has changed over time.

  Save and view multiple versions of the documentation, both for different audiences and different time periods.

  Search documentation and lineage for specific objects to see their details.

  The web-based solution runs on IIS, and can leverage IIS features for scalability and fail-over.

Table of Contents

  Release Notes

  Setup Instructions

o   Hardware Requirements

o   Software Requirements

o   Required Permissions

  Managing Your Server


o   Data Dictionary

o   Documentation

o   Lineage Analysis

o   Remote Agent

o   Search

o   Snapshot Comparison

o   Visual Studio Extension

  Frequently Asked Questions