Comparing Snapshots

Comparing Snapshots

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BI Documenter has a utility that allows you to see the difference between two snapshots.


Comparing Snapshots


To begin comparing two snapshots, click on the "Compare Snapshots" link on the main form.

The UI for the snapshot will appear.

First, you must first select two snapshots to compare before the  button will be enabled.

By default the current solution on the main form is select for each "Solution" drop down. You can compare snapshots from different solutions by changing the "Solution" drop down in either Snapshot 1 or Snapshot 2. If a new solution is selected the snapshots for the selected solution will appear in the "Snapshot" drop down below it.



After two snapshots are selected click the  button to begin comparing the snapshots. While the snapshot compare is being performed, you can stop processing at anytime by clicking the  button which is next to the  button.