Filtering Objects Before Snapshot

Filtering Objects Before Snapshot

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You can filter objects out of the snapshot using the Filters Tab.


There are two options for filter objects.

Filter By Object Type


In the Filter By Object Type option you simply uncheck the object types that you do not to be included in the snapshot. Once an item is unchecked it will turn "bold red" to indicate a filter has been set.


Filter By Object Name (Available only for SQL Server Objects)


In the Filter By Object Name option you have the ability to filter objects by name. There are two options for filtering objects by name:


Filter Object


In this option you will select an object type to filter (Table, Stored Procedure) in the treelist. After you click on an object type a list of objects will appear in the "Filter Object" tab. You can now go through and select the individual items you want excluded from the snapshot.



Filter Matches

In this option you can exclude or only include items by name or by pattern matching (starts with, ends with and contains).

To use this option:

1. Select the Action (Exclude These Objects, Include Only These Objects)


Select the type of match (equals, starts with, ends with or contains)



Enter the text of the filter


4. Click "Add Filter"

Once a filter is added it will show up in the list below the Add Filter button. To edit the filter click the  button and edit the details of the filter. Click "Update Filter" when done. To delete a filter click the  button.



Once filters have been added to your solution the Filters tab will be highlighted in Red or Yellow as a reminder in future snapshots that Filters are set.