Object Lineage/Impact Analysis

Object Lineage/Impact Analysis

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How to use Object Lineage/Impact Analysis for a solution's snapshot?


1.  Select "Impact Analysis/Object Lineage" from the main form or Tools pane on the "Review your Solution" screen.



2.  Right click and select "Render as Diagram" or "Render as List".




3.  "Render as Diagram" will draw the selected tree node object and the objects that will possibly be impacted by a change to the selected context in the right hand pane canvas view.




4.  "Render as List" will produce a tree list of impacted objects.




5.  Save allows saving of the view as part of the documentation or as an image file to the file system.


6.  Several layout options are available via the "Graph Layout" toolbar option.


7.  A filter options is available to remove non-essential objects from the right pane canvas view.