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SQL Server Documentation Features

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SQL Server Documentation Features include performance recommendations, relationship linking, full DDL scripts and more.


Documented Items


Below is a screenshot of the main objects that are documented for a SQL Server database


Full DDL Scripts

BI Documenter will capture the full DDL scripts required to recreate an object.

Object Dependencies

Both parent and child object dependencies are easily viewable within the documentation.



The recommendations feature for SQL Server database was developed by SQL Server MVP's to alert BI Documenter users of potential performance issues. The list of recommendations include database level settings, missing primary keys, missing clustered indexes and more. The screenshot below illustrates a sample of the recommendations that can be made for a database


Profile Data


Profile data allows you to see statistical data for each column (where applicable) in a table. Current profile data includes %null, min value, max value and %unique



Row Count and Table Description 


You can easily check table row count and description in tabular way when you highlight Tables node in the CHM help file.


Sample Data


Sample data gives you a random selection of 10 rows of data from a table.