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SSIS Documentation Features

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SSIS Documentation Features include performance recommendations, workflow images, granular level documentation of all executables and more.


Documented Items


BI Documenter will document package executables, connection managers, variables and configurations along with the full source (dtsx) of an SSIS package.




The recommendations feature for SSIS was developed by SQL Server MVP's to alert BI Documenter users of potential performance issues within their SSIS packages.


Control Flow Diagram


BI Documenter will capture the workflow for a package and store it as an image. This makes it very easy to refer to the documentation at a later date to review changes that have been made since the documentation was produced.

Control Flow Diagram lists the following items

- Tasks
- Variables
- Connections
- Precedence Constraints
- Expression on Variables (Red circle on variable icon)
- Expression on Tasks (Red circle on task icon)
- Expression on Connection (Red circle on connection icon)



Data Flow Diagram


SSIS Package documentation also captures individual dataflow screenshots so you can visually see the steps inside dataflow just like you can see in SSIS Package Designer (DataFlow Tab).

Data Flow Diagram lists the following items

- Components
- Paths
- Path Names (Only in certain cases e.g. Conditional Split, SCD Transform)


Column Mappings


SSIS Documentation lists column mappings for each components inside dataflow so you can easily see mapped and unmapped columns for each components.