Adding a Reporting Services Server

Adding a Reporting Services Server

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Note that only BI Documenter Enterprise edition supports this feature.


To add an Reporting Services Server to your solution click the "Add Reporting Services Server" link from the "Review your Solution" step.




1.Enter the server name.





2. Select the Server Mode. Native is the default.
3. Enter the Report Server Name or IP
3.Enter the Web Service Directory. This is /ReportServer by default, only change if you know the location has been changed from the default. As you change the "Report Server Name or IP" and "Web Service Directory" the web service link at the bottom of the screen will change. Use this link to verify the ReportService2005.asmx exists on your reporting server.


4.Enter the folder you want to snapshot. To snapshot the entire server enter "/". To snapshot an individual folder enter the folder path e.g. /SampleReports.


4.Enter the Authentication Credentials.


5.Click next.


6.Review the name and enter a description.


7.Click Finish.