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Version [July 5, 2012]

Bug Fixes


Fixed: Fixed a bug that caused the snapshot generation to hang when documenting large objects, such as tables with a large number of columns or extended properties

Fixed: A couple of properties for linked servers are invalid for SQL 2005 and caused exceptions generating snapshots

Fixed: Update to the SQL Parser engine to provide recognition of more modern key words, such as merge

Version [June 22, 2012]

New Features


Added: Event Handler Documentation

·         Provides documentation for the first level of SSIS event handlers on the package and executable levels

Added:  SSRS Tablix Documentation

·         Provides documentation for SSRS tablix based controls, the lists, tables, and matrixes, in SQL Server 2008 and 2012

Added:  SQL 2012 Package Catalog Support

·         Adds support for documenting SSIS packages stored in the new Package Catalog (SSISDB) feature introduced in SQL Server 2012


Bug Fixes


Fixed: Documentation created using the Word Documentation (.docx) output option will now open in Word 2007 properly

Fixed: Fixed a bug that was throwing an exception when launching the command line tool

Fixed: The link provided when prompting to update the HTML Help Workshop now properly points to the Microsoft download page

Version [May 9, 2012]

New Features


Added: SQL 2012 Compatibility

Added:  Word Documentation Output (.docx)




Updated: Updated SQL and SSAS database wizards to include friendly selection, including the ability to select all

Version [Jan 6, 2012]

New Features


Added: MS Help 2 Documentation Output

Added: SQL Server Instance documentation (Includes):

·         Backup Devices

·         Server Configurations

·         Database Space Used/Available

·         Database Properties

·         SQL Agent Jobs

·         Login Properties

·         Linked Servers Properties

·         Server Triggers Properties




Updated: Updated the directory browser for SSIS package browsing to be easier to navigate and find files

Updated: MS Help 1 (CHM) properly warns before saving documentation output to mapped drives and shared network paths

Updated: Object Lineage/Impact Analysis tool tips for the next and previous buttons clarified

Updated: Analysis Services Mining Structure information is now included in snapshots and in documentation


Bug Fixes


Snapshot Generation

Fixed: Fixed a bug that would throw an error when generating a snapshot of Analysis Services databases whether the option to save the XMLA is selected or not

Fixed: Filtered objects are now properly excluded from snapshot


Snapshot Compare

Fixed: Updated the UI to clarify filter operation

Fixed: Fixed the “Copy Source” link

Fixed: Updated comparison engine to handle objects being moved to multiple environments

Fixed: Updated comparison engine to show new objects in the second solution


Schedule Snapshot

Fixed: Fixed the “noout” flag when generating a snapshot without documentation



Fixed: Column mappings correctly mapped between Source and Destination components

Fixed: DDL tab formatting is kept in documentation



Fixed: Fixed “Invalid object name” error thrown in case sensitive environments

Fixed: Fixed filters to include schema

Fixed: Now properly supports using Windows Groups as SQL Login for Windows Authentication Mode

Fixed: “Apply Password to all Packages” now properly applies password to all SSIS packages being added

Fixed: Properly display images in in generated documentation

Fixed: Fixed multiple snapshot assembly issues

Fixed: SQL Parser updates

Fixed: Database schema check Is performed when changing databases using the connection wizard

Fixed: Fixed “System Out Of Memory” exceptions in several parts of BI Documenter

Fixed: Fixed a bug that prevented browsing the file system for SSIS packages if the User Account Control settings are not set low enough

Version [Sep 13, 2011]



Updated: Updated the Add Integration Services wizard to validate packages before adding them to the solution. This provides the user an explanation of why a package will fail during snapshot generation rather than waiting the snapshot to occur and seeing the error then.

Updated: The directory browser in the "Add Integration Services Package" screen can now be cancelled instead of either waiting or forcefully closing the application.


Bug Fixes


Fixed: Fixed an error where the Add Database screen would freeze when entering the wrong Database name.
Fixed: Fixed an error where the snapshot would fail documenting an Analysis Services database if the "Save XMLA" option was not checked.
Fixed: Fixed an error where BI Documenter was not documenting the Analysis Services Mining Structures
Fixed: Fixed an error where the Directory Browser for "Add Integration Services Package" would freeze if the C:\ drive was selected.
Fixed: Fixed an error where the outputted html document did not have the correct paths to the images.
Fixed: Fixed an error where the Snapshot Compare "Copy Source" link did not work.
Fixed: Fixed an error where newer SQL Queries that included statements like Merge or CTE's would not parse correctly.
Fixed: Fixed an error where the snapshot would give the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".
Fixed: Fixed an error where the Snapshot compare would identify two objects as the same object from two different packages.
Fixed: Fixed an error where the Schedule Snapshot would ignore the Generate Documentation flag and check for the existance of the output path
Fixed: Fixed an error where the default authentication mode on Add SQL Server Database screen was not selected, causing an error
Fixed: Fixed an error where the snapshot would fail and give the error "The user does not have permission to perform this action".

Fixed: Created a workaround for the "Full Text Search" not working in documentation generated by BI Documenter.

Version [Mar 29, 2011]


Updated: Clarification of parameters for adding a Reporting Services Solution object in Sharepoint Integrated Mode on the Add Reporting Services UI.

Updated: Added additional logging and status bar update pre-snapshot processing for deleting old solution snapshots.

Updated: Update of msi to add shortcuts for the BI Documenter help file.

Updated: Calculations Mdx Script parsed into scriptlets with individual pages in final documentation.

Updated: Removed registration option for trial version.

Updated: Added validation for adding SSIS packages on the Add SSIS Packages UI.

Updated: Enhanced Final Documentation save option for network path to provide clearer warnings.

Updated: Include row count information on SQL Server table objects during snapshot creation.

Updated: Enhanced SSIS directory browser to include subdirectories for package selection on the Add Integration Services Package UI.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Fixed outdated contact information in help file.
Fixed: Fixed outdated copyright information in help file.
Fixed: Corrected Add SSRS right click popup dialog from "Add SSIS Package" to "Add SSRS Server" when adding solution object on the Add Solution Objects UI. 

Fixed: Fixed broken links in compiled help file.  

Version [Feb 4, 2011]


Updated: Disabled the Compare Snapshot Solution-Shapshot options during the Compare button click event processing.
Updated: Enabled Analysis Services tree view expansion after adding an Analysis Services object on the Select Solution Objects view.

Updated: Removed "Edit Connection" option on the Edit Solution screen to prevent incorrect connection from being added.

Bug Fixes


Fixed: Fixed broken html links in CHM/Html pages header.
Fixed: Fixed Solution Object tree view to display the proper child object count for the Solution Objects type nodes.
Fixed: Fixed Lineage/Impact view not creating the proper links in the canvas view between Reports and database objects 

Fixed: Fixed missing "Compare These Objects" options on the Compare Snapshots form.


Version [Dec 16, 2010]




Updated: Filtering By Object Type filtering based on objects present in the solution.
Updated: Filtering By Object Name filtering based on objects present in the solution.
Updated: Enhanced Adding Integration Services object finish validation to prompt user to select a package if none are selected.

Bug Fixes


Fixed: Fixed Snapshot Comparability would not display all comparisons.

Fixed: Fixed filtering of Analysis Services Datasources causing object reference exceptions.

Fixed: Fixed SSIS Package Load Failure exceptions issue to provide better exception handling messages.

Fixed: Fixed Solution Object deletion function to remove deleted items in the UI view.

Fixed: Fixed snapshot creation error dialog to show more verbose message.

Version [Oct 26, 2010]


Updated: Simplified Connection wizard dialogue.

Updated: Verbose SSIS exception handling messages.

Updated: Enhanced SSRS log errors and continue functionality during snapshot creation.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Fixed Filtering by object type not filtering properly.

Fixed: Fixed Filtering by object name not filtering properly.

Fixed: Fixed trial documentation object count to select the correct number of items.

Fixed: ErrorReporting.dll .NET runtime load failure.

Fixed: Fixed Command line configurator UI control anchoring.

Fixed: SSRS Shared Dataset object reference during snapshot creation.

Fixed: Missing Workflow screenshot in documentation.

Fixed: Fixed SQL Parser excpetion when script parsing that contained an empty Begin Catch/End Catch.

Version [Aug 9, 2010]

New Features

Added: Impact Analysis support for OLE Db Command, SCD, Lookup transformation .

Added: Large Memory/Virtual Address Space capability.

Added: Connection timeout setting option.

Added: Ability to add/delete multiple SQL Server, Analysis Services databases and Integration Services items.

Description: Description:

This feature enables the user to add multiple SQL Server/Analysis Services database and Integration Services Packages to enhance the usability and increase productivity. 


Description: Description:

This feature enables the user to select multiple solution object at a single instance to enhance the usability and increase productivity. 


Updated: Improved Memory usage.

Updated: Improved Snapshot creation performance by 40%.

Updated: Improved Documentation Compilation performance by 50%.

Bug Fixes/Modifications

Fixed: Impact Analysis object navigation.

Fixed: Null reference exception during snapshot comparison.

Fixed: Missing SSIS workflow/data task flow image.

Fixed: Database Case Sensitivity.

Fixed: Out of Memory Exception.

Fixed: Pre Snapshot Object filtering.

Fixed: Access to path exceptions.

Fixed: Disable print option when Impact Analysis "Render as List" is selected.

Version[May 24, 2010]

 New Features

Added: Compare Snapshots

Description: Description:

This feature gives the end user the ability to compare specific point in time views of the BI environment i.e. SQL Server, Analysis, Integration and Reporting Services.  The user can also compare snapshots of the same database from two different points in time or compare a database in a QA environment to a database in a production environment to ascertain the differences.



Added: Object Lineage/Impact Analysis.

Description: Description:

This feature has been implemented to provide the user the ability to visualize the effect of change to a BI stack object to its related objects.   Example of such would be to select a table from a SQL Server database to see if it consumes User Defined Data Types, what view consumes the data columns,  if a stored procedure performs a select, insert, update, delete action, etc.



Added: Snapshot creation object level filtering.

Description: Description:

This feature provides the user with the ability to exclude BI stack objects from being included in the snapshot at the table granularity level. The user may have a function that should not be include in the snapshot, while allowing all other functions to be include. The user simply selects the function of choice to exclude then continue on building the snapshot. That function will not be included.



 Added: Data Profiling, Sampling and Recommendations.

Description: Description:

Data profiling detects common data patterns in your tables like % null, minimum data value and maximum data value and allows you to see them in your documentation. Our recommendations were created by expert SQL Server and BI users to maximize performance in your SQL server instance and SSIS packages.



Added: Powerful command line snapshot scheduling interface.

Description: Description:

This feature was added to aid in the creation of command line configurations for scheduling jobs to be performed as necessary.



Added:  Diagram Editor Enhancements.

Description: Description:

The addition of the diagram editor object property tab allows you the user, to add additional customizations to the ER diagram. This version also fixes lots of issues in Diagram Editor from Previous version.


Added: SSIS workflow in documentation.

Description: Description:

Added the SSIS workflow screen shot to the compiled documentation. You can produce visual documentation for ControlFlow and each DataFlow in the package. It will also List Variables and Connections in the Workflow Image.



Updated: Resizability of screens for better viewing.

Updated: Right click capability in the "Create Solution" and "Review your Solutions" screens.

Updated: Implemented a tools pane on the "Review your Solution" to assist navigating to tools.

Updated: Update BI Documenter UI "look and feel" consistency.

Updated: Improved snapshot compilation performance by more than 300% (3 times). Adventure Works database snapshot compilation reduced from 490 seconds to 133 seconds.

Updated: Improved documentation compilation performance by 30%.

Updated: Enhanced progress notification during snapshot creation and documentation compilation.

Updated: Added SSIS view sorting by package name.

Updated: Simplified BI Documenter metabase connectivity and creation.

Added: Error view dialog for viewing of snapshot compilation errors.

Added: Ability to exclude SSIS, SSRS, XMAL source from snapshot...reduces snapshot size footprint in the repository.

Bug Fixes/Modifications

Fixed: Stored Procedure AnsiNullsStatus property throws an "UnknownPropertyException" when creating a SQL Server 2000 database snapshot.

Fixed: Stored Procedure QuotedIdentifierStatus property throws an "UnknownPropertyException" when creating a SQL Server 2000 database snapshot.

Fixed: Stored Procedure Recompile property throws an "UnknownPropertyException" when creating a SQL Server 2000 database snapshot.

Fixed: Search by object name on Index page in CHM.

Version [Nov 11, 2009]

New Features

Added: Included reporting pack solution.
Bug Fixes/Modifications

Fixed: "Solution" invalid object exception displayed at application start up.

Fixed: Partitioned table exception handling during snapshot creation.

Fixed: SQL CLR stored procedure exception handling during snapshot creation.

Fixed: Broken lineage link in reports.


Version [Oct 23, 2009]

New Features

Added: Disabled Mixed Mode Authentication option for SSAS.

Updated logic to display the path to the directory of packages. Also enhanced package grid view, set alternating row color for better differentiation between rows.

Added option to select sub folder for SSIS packages selection.
Bug Fixes/Modifications

Fixed: Previous version settings not applied to 3.2.X.X.

Fixed: Can not apply serial number if you launch activation wizard from About form.

Fixed: Corrected Null reference exception for Command line Application

Fixed: Sometimes certain tasks don't show up in the left navigation treeview in the generated CHM file.

Fixed: Sometimes you get exception during progress counter update.

Fixed: Sometimes script task doesn't show script.

Fixed: Can't store documentation data in SQL CE Database because sql script fails to execute.

Version [Oct 16, 2009]

New Features

Added: Mappings documentation enhancements.

Description: Description:

This version shows various column mappings for any component in the Dataflow which has input and output column mappings. If any column is not mapped then you will see "{Not Assigned}" in the Source column.

Mappings are now grouped by component and inputs for each component. You will also see question mark link beside each source column which points to the Source component detail page.


Added: Document Expressions

Description: Description:

This version documents expression defined on variable/task or connection manager property. Expression will be displayed in a different color under value column for any property which has expression. Previous version didn't support documenting expressions.


Added: SSIS Package multi-select dialogbox

Description: Description:

This version has ability to add multiple package for documentation. You can also apply password to all packages or individual package.

In the new version there is a major improvement in the error handling engine. This version has an option to continue processing on any error during snapshot generation or helpfile generation. Previous version was not able to handle any error during processing.

Single click dependency installation option.

Added: Simpler database setup in Workgroup Edition. Added Database Setup wizard for Metadata Repository setup without going through manual steps of running sql files. In old version it was a manual process of creating database objects prior to documentation by running script files.

Added: Document Variables at task level. Previous version used to document only package level variables.

Added: Added options to enable/disable SSIS User/System Variable documentation during snapshot generation and help file generation to reduce snapshot generation time.

Added: Added options to enable/disable Cross column Index documentation.

Added: Added options to enable/disable documentation for Log Provider.

Added: Document all properties of connection manager. Previous version was not documenting non-standard properties for any connection manager (e.g. ServerName, UserName, Port ...)

Added: Document ForEachEnumerator properties.

Added: Color coded script task script (VB.net/C#).

Added: Show script for script component in dataflow. In the previous version script property was not documented for script component.

Added: Show errors in red color in the processing log window for better visibility.

Added: Added option to skip object with low user rights.

Bug Fixes/Modifications

Fixed: CLR Function documentation stops snapshot generation.

Fixed: Some times snapshot generation fails when script task or script component found in SSIS package (This is mostly occur when you have SQL 2005 and 2008 both installed on the same machine).

Fixed: User Defined Function on SQL 2000 fails snapshot generation.

Fixed: Add SSIS Package dialogbox doesn't refresh controls when location type is changed.

Fixed: Object Lineage.rdl not working in Workgroup Edition.

Fixed: SQL Server Database.rdl not working in Workgroup Edition.

Fixed: Impact Analysis.rdl not working in Workgroup Edition.

Known Issues

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