How to enter your license

How to enter your license

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After you purchase BI Documenter you will receive an email containing your license.


1. Click “About” when BI Documenter starts.



Click the "Activate Software" button. The license window will appear.


3. Click the "Register" button. When the registration form appears fill out the information and enter in the license number you received in the email.



4. Click the "Register" button. If everything is ok, the "Activation" window will appear. 

If you have an active internet connection click the "Activate online now" button.




If you do not have an active connection, click the "Activate manually by entering a code".


You will need to click on "Copy to Email" or "Copy to Clipboard" and send a message to asking for an activation code.


Click the "Activate" button if online or after you receive your code.


The "Success" window will appear if BI Documenter is activated successfuly.