Producing Documentation

Producing Documentation

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Creating documentation consists of a two-part process:

1) Collect the source data by making a snapshot.

2) Creating the documentation file.


1.First you must Create a Snapshot.


2.Go to the "Select the Documentation Source Data" step by:


a) Clicking "Next" after creating a new snapshot OR


b) Clicking the "Use Existing Snapshot" link from the "Create a Snapshot" step.



3. Select the snapshot your want to use as the source data for this documentation.


4. Uncheck any objects from the snapshot that you would like to exclude from this documentation.


5. Click "Next".


6. Select the output format and location.



7. Design your custom template if required.


8. Create any necessary diagrams.


9. Add any required documents and images.


10. Filter out any unwanted objects.


11. Click "Next". The next screen shows the progress.



12. Click "Finish" to return to the solutions home and open your documentation if "Open documentation when finished" is checked.