Using the Diagram Editor

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Note that only the BI Documenter Database and Enterprise editions support this feature.



BI Documenter features a built-in diagram editor that you can use to document  your solutions. The diagram tool features a data-driven palette of objects to assist you in graphically conveying your Business Intelligence architecture.


First you must Create a Diagram.


Adding objects to the diagram
Add objects to the diagram by selecting the required object in the left-hand-side palette and either dragging the object to the desired location or clicking the "Add Object" toolbar button.


Removing objects from the diagram
Remove objects by selecting and either clicking the keyboards "Delete" key or the "Remove" toolbar button.



Drawing connecting lines between objects


To draw a connecting line between two objects click the "Add Connector" toolbar button so that it toggles to a highlighted state. Click and hold the left mouse button over the first object and drag the the mouse to the second object and release the left mouse button. If you do not wish to draw any more connecting lines toggle the "Add Connector" toolbar button.



The Hide/Show Palette button as well as the Zoom button on the Diagram Editor toolbar is useful for giving yourself some more room on larger diagrams.


Setting the zoom


To change the zoom use the drop down list on the toolbar.


Changing background color


To change the font or background right click an object and choose "Change Background Color".


Adding text to shapes and changing fonts


·To add text to a shape right click the shape and choose "Add Text".
·To edit the text right click the shape and choose "Edit Text.
·To change the font right click a shape and choose "Font".