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Auditing Framework

The Auditing Framework provides users with rich auditing information from SSIS package executions.

Alongside the Monitoring Console, the Auditing Framework helps track the activity for SSIS packages. It captures useful information such as errors and warnings.

Feature Highlights

  Record critical performance data about SSIS packages

  Consists of native SSIS components

  Auditing is self-contained in each the package

Important Note:

The Auditing Framework must have access to all third-party components and may not work with components that effect event handlers.

Additionally, Pragmatic Workbench (32-bit) must be used when applying the Auditing Framework to SSIS packages on a machine that only contains SSDT for Visual Studio 2015.

Table of Contents

  How does the Auditing Framework work?


o   Selecting Action

o   Selecting Packages

o   Options

o   Project Items Removal

o   Summary


o   Selecting Packages

o   Database Connection

o   Connection Manager

o   Options

o   Logging

  Configuration File Options

Tutorial Video

Users can launch the Auditing Framework through two methods. The method used depends on the environment:

1.   Users within their development environment will use the development add-on. The supported development environments are: BIDS, SSDT and VS 2010 through 2015.

2.   Users within Pragmatic Workbench use the workbench plug-in.

How does SSIS Auditing Framework work?

When applying the Auditing Framework, the following changes may occur to the SSIS Package:

  Configuration(s), package or project parameter(s)

  Package level event handlers for the following events:

o   OnError

o   OnWarning

o   OnPreExecute

o   OnPostExecute

  Row Counts added after each source adapter and before each destination adapter

  BI xPress Connection Manager pointing to the BI xPress Database

  Variables within the OnPostExecute event handler

Important Note

Do not alter any task names or descriptions created by the Auditing Framework.