Classic Options

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Classic Framework

After clicking Next, you will see the Notification Framework Options screen. On this screen you can specify which events you wish to be notified and by which method(s). You can choose to be notified OnError, OnWarning, OnSuccess, and OnComplete. You can also choose to be notified after the task has completed execution or the entire package has completed execution. Configuration files can be enabled by checking the Enable Configuration box and specifying the configuration file path and overwrite setting.

Using the Classic Notification Framework, you can receive alerts four different ways:




Using this method you can receive HTML or Text email notifications whenever selected events occur. You can also create your own email format using Custom Email Template


(Text Message)

Using this method you can receive SMS notifications on a Cell Phone/PDA or Blackberry whenever selected events occurs.

Event Log

Using this method you can log notification to windows event log.

Log to File

Using this method you can log to files and also delete log files older than specified days.

You can also specify any error/warning filters that you the Notification Framework to ignore. When those errors are encountered, the Notification Framework will ignore them. In the Select Alert Code drop down menu, you can choose from a list of alert codes to filter out. Once you have selected an alert code to filter notifications, add the alert code to the filter list by clicking the  button.

After configuring the notification options, clicking the Next button will send the user to the Email / SMS Options page to specify settings for sending SMTP Emails and SMS.

Email / SMS Options

The Email and SMTP settings must also be specified to receive notifications through their respected methods. If the Notification Framework is set to only notify through the Event Log or Log to File method, this page can be skipped.

In the SMS Settings box, you can specify multiple telephone numbers to receive notifications of events applied by the Notification Framework. To add a telephone number to the list of text message recipients, type in the telephone number in the Phone Number text box, select your service provider from the drop down menu, and then click the button. Click next when you are finished.

Once done configuring the Email / SMS Options, click the Next button to head to the Summary page to begin the process of adding / updating the Notification Framework.