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BI xPress is an SSIS and SSAS tool that integrates directly into Visual Studio for developers, and has a launcher application for DBAs who prefer to not work in BIDS. It allows you to quickly build packages, install robust auditing frameworks, and helps DBAs deploy packages.

Additionally, BI xPress offers an easy way to add rich auditing features in SSIS packages using custom auditing framework developed by Pragmatic Works. This Auditing Framework uses all Native SSIS features and it can track packages in real-time. Auditing Framework comes with lots of predefined reports which can give you some valuable information.

Table of Contents


  Best Practices

  BI Compare

  Compile Scripts

  Config Editor

  Config Manager

  Data Generation



  Insert Nugget

  MDX Calculation Builder

  Monitoring Console


  Package Builder

  Package Sorter

  Report Mover

  Reporting Monitoring Console


  SSIS Catalog Import

  SSIS Unit Test

  Visual Studio Integration

The following information is saved within the BI xPress Database:

  Best Practice Analysis Results

  Which packages are currently running and which tasks are running inside the package

  Historical package execution detail for selected date range (i.e. Run time, Errors, Warnings etc.)

  Errors and Warnings by Tasks and Packages

  Run time by Tasks and Packages

  Variable values before and after execution

  Variable change history (every change to a variable value can be tracked)

  Information regarding a connection manager

  Extracted and loaded records along with their source and target information (e.g. Table/View, SQL Query, File Name, Component Name, Data Flow Name, Connection String etc.).

  Run time Trend for several days/weeks/years by Packages and Tasks

  Error / Warning Trend by Packages and Tasks

  Extract / Load Trend by Packages and Data Flows

  Extract / Load Trend by Data Object (e.g. File, Table/View or SQL Query)


  Updating the BI xPress Database:

      Starting with version 2015.3.7, the BI xPress database employs versioned views and stored procedures when interacting with the repository.  Our current patterns aim to make upgrading to the newest version of BI xPress simple.  Multiple users can access the BI xPress database using different versions of BI xPress as long as they're all 2015.3.7 and later. If any required objects are missing, the database can be updated without impacting the other users.

BI xPress Framework Architecture