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Compile Script Tasks/Components

When working with packages in a 64 bit environment that were originally created in 32 bit, BIDS may give errors stating ‘Binary script not found’. To fix this manually, one must open and close each script. BI xPress will allow developers to automate this process and save time by compiling every script within a project.

Feature Highlights

  Automates compiling of scripts in SSIS packages

Tutorial Video

There are two ways you can compile scripts using BI xPress.

  Compile scripts (Right click option on SSIS project)

  Compile scripts (option during deployment process)

1.   To begin compiling scripts, right click on the SSIS project and select compile scripts form the menu.

2.   This will pop up to Compile Script Tasks/Components window. You may choose to compile scripts for all packages in this project or just the one you selected when right clicking to open this window. Once you have selected your preferences, click compile.

Compile Scripts from Deployment Window

Instead of opening the window from the project. You can set the compile options from the deployment window.