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Config Edit

Quick Config Edit allows you to open existing configurations from XML files or SQL Table. You can edit, search and save your changes easily using this tool.

Feature Highlights

  Edit configuration files quickly

  Edit properties of multiple configuration files at one time

  Organizes configured properties into an easy to read grid view

Important Note:

Pragmatic Workbench (32-bit) must be used when modifying SSIS configuration files on a machine that only contains SSDT for Visual Studio 2015.

Tutorial Video

How to edit SSIS configurations without opening packages

After installing Pragmatic Workbench with BI xPress, all *.dtsConfig file extensions will be associated with the BI xPress Configuration Editor.

There are 3 ways you can launch ConfigEdit Application

  Workbench: From within Pragmatic Workbench, select the "Config Editor" feature found within the Feature Finder.

  BIDS / VS / SSDT: By clicking on the BI xPress Toolbar and selecting "Quick Config Edit"

  File System: By double clicking any *.dtsConfig file in Windows Explorer

Edit in Grid View

By default all config entries are listed in Grid View. Grid view makes it easy to view and edit config entries. You can easily search and replace values in Grid View.

Edit in XML View (Only for XML Config file)

Sometimes it is easier to edit in Raw XML view rather than XML View. ConfigEdit provides two different ways: Grid View and XML View. Select any file you want to edit from left side file list and then click XML View tab. Click save after you are done with editing.

How to search and replace in multiple configuration files/filters

Search and Replace dialog box is an easy way to quickly replace values in hundreds of config files. Search and Replace Dialog box provides the following options:

  Search: Find any matching value in config entry from any file/filter listed in the files/filter list.

  Search and Replace: Find any matching value in config entry and replace with user defined value from any file/filter listed in the files/filter list.

  Search and Replace for Specific Property: Find and Replace any matching value in config entry for specific property name.

How to quickly filter information:

To search desired information, type in the search box and you will see information is changed in real-time in the value grid. ConfigEdit search by Property Name, Value or Configured Object Name.

How to select, edit and save values:

When you edit values, the save option is enabled and the row color is changed to light orange. Clicking the save button will save the changes to all edited files at once. This bulk edit feature makes it easy to edit multiple files.

To edit files you select single/multiple files (or SQL filter) on left hand side or check multiple items (to check all items click on header check box).

Important Note

If multiple items are checked then Selection made by Ctrl+Click is ignored