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Config Manager

With the Secure Configuration Manager, you can create secure configurations and add/edit configuration values easily in just a few clicks. You can also generate multiple shared configurations for selected connections and adjust naming conventions using the smart rename feature.

Feature Highlights

  Automatic configuration file generation for multiple packages/connections using split configuration option

  Add/Edit Configuration for multiple packages

  Encrypt password/sensitive properties in configuration xml file or SQL configuration table.

  Allow editing of configured value in property grid

  Allow filtering properties from property grid

  Simple mode to configure most common properties for Connections and Variables

  Support for placeholders in Configuration Name, File Path or Table Filter

  Copy/Paste Configurations

  Editing package configurations outside Visual Studio without opening packages in BIDS.

  Editing package configurations for packages stored on SQL Server on remote machine

  Bulk property edit

Important Note:

Pragmatic Workbench (32-bit) must be used when modifying an SSIS package's configuration file(s) on a machine that only contains SSDT for Visual Studio 2015.

Table of Contents

  Creating Configs

  Search and Replace

  Secure Configs

  Shared Configs

Tutorial Video