Creating Configs

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Creating Configs

Add/Edit SSIS Configuration for multiple package

If you want to create the same configuration for multiple packages, rather than performing several steps for each package you can use the following technique using Secure Config wizard which will modify many packages at once:

1.   In the solution explorer multi-select packages you want to modify ([Ctrl] + [Left Button Click] for individual item selection or [Shift] + [Left Button Click] for range selection).

2.   Click "Add to all" (This option is only visible when multiple packages are selected)

3.   On the configuration type, screen specify various properties of new configuration and click "Next"

4.   On the property selection screen select which property you want to configure and click "Next"

5.   On the final screen review your selection (all packages listed in the list will be modified) and click "Start"

The above steps insert same configuration to all selected packages.

Copy/Paste Configuration

Copy/Paste feature allows you to copy configurations from one package to another with just a few clicks. Perform the following steps to copy any configuration from one package to another:

1.   In the solution explorer select the multiple packages you want to modify ([Ctrl] + [Left Button Click] for individual item selection or [Shift] + [Left Button Click] for range selection).

2.   Once the wizard is loaded you can verify multiple packages are listed with their configurations.

3.   Right click on any configuration which you want to copy to other package(s) and click "Copy" and then select different package and then right click -> "Paste"

4.   You can repeat step-3 if you want to paste the configuration to multiple packages.

5.   Close the wizard to save all changes (You may get prompted to save all modifications)

Create separate SSIS configurations for all connections (Split SSIS Configurations)

If you want to create separate configurations for each connection automatically then perform the following steps.

Important Note

Creating multiple configurations for selected connections is only allowed for XML and SQL Configuration type using "Split" option and this option is only visible during Add configuration operation. Once the configuration is created you cannot split. When you select the Split option you cannot select variables on the property selection screen. Variables are only visible when Split option is unchecked.

1.   Launch Secure Configuration Wizard for the package you wish to modify.

2.   Click on "Add" to create new configuration.

3.   On the configuration type screen select configuration type (XML or SQL) and enter location settings.

4.   Check split configuration option and then select "by connection name" from the drop down. Click "Next"

5.   On the property selection screen you can either check desired Properties you want to configure for each Connection (Mostly ConnectionString) or you can change to "Simple Mode" that will hide properties and create a compact list for only the ConnectionString property. You can also pick desired properties to show up in the list using the property filter option (Only available in Advanced Mode) that way you can use the "check all" feature by clicking Root node. Click "Next".

6.   Review your selection and click "Start". This will process the selected connections and create Configuration entries in Database or it will create XML Configuration files depending what   type of configuration you have selected.