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Quick Deploy

BI xPress provides two different ways of deploying SSIS packages in Visual Studio 2005/2008. Using SSIS Deployment Explorer and Using SSIS Quick Deploy Wizard. Quick Deploy is only available inside BIDS but Deployment Explorer can be launched outside BIDS.

How to deploy packages using Quick Deploy Wizard

1.   Select one or more packages in solution explorer and right click > select Quick Deploy SSIS Packages

2.   If you are launching Quick Deploy first time then you will have empty drop down list for target location. In that case click on "Edit List" button to bring location editor. If you already populated target locations then go to Step-6


3.   Click "Add Location" > Enter location information


4.   Click "Save Changes"

5.   Once all target locations are entered you can click "OK"

6.   Select package overwrite setting, Enter package password (only if packages are password protected) so you don't get any prompt during deploy

Target Location

Select location from the drop down list where you want to deploy selected packages.

Package Count (Selected=>Deployed)

This indicates how many packages are selected and how many deployed.

Deployment Time

This indicates how many seconds it took to deploy selected packages.

Package password

Enter package password to avoid prompts during deployment. This is only needed if one or more packages required password.

Overwrite setting

You can select any of the following option which determines how to handle overwrite if target has package with same name:

Always Overwrite

Overwrite If Exists

Skip If Exists

Use options from main wizard

If you want to use following advanced settings then check this option (Current version doesn't allow to edit them so you have to launch Main Deployment Wizard to edit them before launching Quick Deploy Wizard).

Deploy Config Files

Change Config Path

Change CheckPoint File Path

Change Protection Level

Compile Scripts During Deploy

View Advanced Settings

Read only view of advanced settings defined on Main Deployment Wizard

Log Window

This panel shows real-time log deployment process

7.Click "Start Deploy" to deploy selected packages

If needed check "Minimize to system tray during progress" option (When this option is checked a small progress bar appears above system tray and you will also see the system tray icon)