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Expression Editor

The BI xPress Expression Editor contains all of the functionality provided by the native SSIS expression editor and many more. BI xPress Expression Editor can be launched by clicking "Edit Variable" icon (Found on the variable toolbar), by launching from pragmatic workbench's "Expression" button, or by clicking "Edit" link from within the Expressions window.

BI xPress Expression Editor has the following features that are not available in the native Expression Editor:

  Clean look with only one tree view

  Snippet library with more than 25 reusable expressions

  Multiple Undo actions

  Better description for standard functions provided for expressions

  Object icon, object name and property name/data type is displayed in the header

  Easy way to enter value or expression for variables (Check/Uncheck "Evaluate As Expression" option. This option is not visible for tasks and connections)

Important Note

You can drag and drop variables, snippets or function to specified cursor location in the expression text area.