Deactivating Pragmatic Workbench

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How do I deactivate my installation of Pragmatic Workbench?

Product deactivation occur within the Pragmatic Workbench help tab. This tab manages licensing and version information. It also provides you with quick access to view local help documentation.

The licenses for Pragmatic Workbench are per machine. If another machine needs to run Workbench, then the second machine will also need a license. Alternatively, users can move the license from the old machine to the new machine. Moving a license requires the user to deactivate the license on the old machine and then reactivating it on the new machine.

1.   To deactivate any Workbench product, within workbench, navigate to the help page.

2.   Before proceeding, you may wish to copy the activation key. This is helpful when moving the license from one machine to another. To copy an activation key, click the activation key you wish to copy.

3.   Click the "Deactivate" button for the product you wish to deactivate.

4.   A deactivation window will prompt you for confirmation.  If you wish to deactivate, click "Yes".