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Monitoring Console

BI xPress' Monitoring Console provides users with real time monitoring of all SSIS packages that have the Auditing Framework. Normally such information can only be obtained through debugging packages within the development environment.

You can also view predefined reports that will display extraction and load trends, recent executions, any packages that may be currently running, package execution trends, execution dashboards, and execution alerts. The data in the reports can be filtered in a variety of ways, including; by date, package, machine, execution account, and execution mode.

Important Note:

The Monitoring Console will only monitor SSIS package executions that have either had the Auditing Framework applied to them or were imported using the SSIS Catalog Import Feature.

Feature Highlights

  Watch packages as they execute in real time

  Access multiple reports to view numerous details about packages execution

Table of Contents


o    Toolbar Options

o    Package Execution

o    Execution Diagram

  Dashboard Reports

o    Execution Dashboard

o    Extract/Load Trend Dashboard

o    Extract/Load Detail Dashboard

o    Package Performance Dashboard

o    Package & Task Performance Dashboard

o    Package Alerts Dashboard

o    Package Execution Trend Dashboard

o    Recent Executions Summary Dashboard

o    Recent Executions Details Dashboard

o    Runtime Standard Deviation Dashboard

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