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Dashboard Reports

Report Name


Best Practices Analysis Results

This dashboard shows the total violations, errors, performance violations, warnings, and informational messages for your best practices rules

Execution Dashboard

This dashboard gives one place to view of most common counters of SSIS package execution, including top 20 slow packages, fast packages, minimum used packages, maximum used packages, recent data extracts, recent data loads

Extract / Load Trend

Provides graphical view of extract and load trend over several years, weeks, months and days

Extract / Load Detail

Provides extract / load detail for every Data Flow within each package execution

Package Performance

Provides package level performance graph within a specified interval

Package & Task Performance

Provides package and task level performance graphs within a specified interval

Package Alerts

Provides detailed error / warning report including package level errors

Package Execution Trend

This report provides many useful information about trend of package runtime, task runtime and errors / warnings

Recent Executions Summary

Provides information regarding the execution status of packages

Recent Executions Details

Provides information regarding the execution status of packages and tasks

Runtime Standard Deviation

This report displays packages which are running slower / faster than their usual trend