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Package Execution Panel

The Monitoring Console's package execution panel displays a listed summary of the most recent executions within the BI xPress Database. The package execution panel provides the user with four main functions: execution name, execution summary, execution selection, and execution management.

1.   Execution Name: Located in the upper left hand corner of each execution, this displays the name of the package that was executed

2.   Execution Summary: Each execution displays a visual and textual summary for the specific execution

1.   Status: The background color of each execution visually describes the current status for the package

1.    Red: Package completed with at least one errors

2.    Green: Package completed successfully without errors

3.    Yellow: Package is still running

4.    Blue: Package has been stopped during execution

2.    Date and Runtime: The date located on the left of the execution describes when this execution occurred, while the time located on the right represents how long the package executed before completing

3.   Execution Selection: In addition to providing users with the name and status of executions, the package execution panel also controls which execution will be displayed within the other Execution Diagram. Up to 16 packages can be selected to be displayed within the Execution Diagrams at a time.

4.   Execution Management: Whenever you select a package, you can right-click to bring up a context menu that allows users to manually stop or delete executions within the BI xPress database

1.   Packages that are still running (denoted with the yellow background) can be manually labeled as "stopped" by selecting them, right-clicking, and then selecting "Mark selected execution(s) as stopped"

Important Note:

Marking an execution as "stopped" does not physically stop the execution, it merely marks the entry within the BI xPress Database as being stopped. If the package is still running, it will continue to run. This feature was added allow users to manually mark executions of packages that were manually stopped by a user during design from being displayed within the BI xPress database as still running.

2.   Packages that are no longer running (whether because they have been stopped, completed successfully, or completed with errors) can be deleted by selecting them, right-clicking, and then selecting "Delete selected execution(s)"