SSIS Catalog Import

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SSIS Catalog Import

The SSIS catalog import tool will enable users to import native performance and execution data from a 2012 SSIS catalog to the BI xPress auditing database. This will make it possible for users to view execution data for packages that do not have the auditing framework.

Feature Highlights

  View native performance data from an SSIS Catalog in the BI xPress monitoring reports

Important Note

This feature only works with SSIS 2012 and above

Tutorial Video

Importing Catalogs

1.   To start importing, open the SSIS Catalog Import from the Pragmatic workbench.

2.   On the first page you will be prompted to specify the BI xPress database you wish to import into to.

3.   Clicking on the prompt will open up the Connect to Database window.

4.   After adding the BI xPress database, you will need to add your SSIS Catalog by clicking Add SSIS Catalog from the top menu. Once set up you will be able to view your information in the BI xPress Monitoring Console.