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The Summary page provides users with information, warnings, and errors that may occur during the application or removal of the Notification Framework. Users can review their selection and make any necessary changes by clicking the Back button. Once the user is content with their settings, click the Start button to either add / update or remove the Notification Framework. Depending on how many packages you have selected, the application of the Notification Framework could take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

After clicking start and adding / updating or removing the Notification Framework, you will see a green check by all the packages that had the Notification Framework successfully added / updated or removed.

If the "Close on successful completion" option is enabled, the Notification Framework add-in will close automatically if the process completed successfully without warnings.

Otherwise, click the Finish button to close out of the Notification Framework when you are through reviewing the Process Summary.

Important Note

The BI xPress Notification Framework may not work properly with third party SSIS components not configured to work with event handlers.

After the Notification Framework is applied to your SSIS Packages, those packages will notify you via the method specified when the given events occur.