Uploading Packages

Uploading Packages

The Upload page is the starting point for the Auditing Framework. It allows users the ability to upload packages, configuration files, or ISPACs.

At the top of the Auditing Framework page are two buttons.

The "start over" button allow users to reset the Auditing Framework. Starting the process of adding or removing the Auditing Framework over.

The "clean up" button is only available to users assigned to the administrators role. It allows administrators the ability to remove erroneous activities and files from the server.

BI xPress Server considers erroneous activities to be activities associated with missing files. Erroneous files are files located within the upload directory that are not associated with an activity.

1.   Before selecting which files to upload, it is important to specify the version of SSIS to use. It may take a few moments for BI xPress Server to detect which versions of SSIS the server has installed

2.   Once BI xPress Server has completed, use the SSIS Version drop down box to specify the version of SSIS

Important Note:

BI xPress Server requires all versions of SSIS that users wish to use installed on the server. Uploading files of versions currently not on the server will cause the following error:

3.   Click the "Select files..." button to launch a directory browser window. This allows users to navigate their local directory for SSIS files they wish to upload to the server. Once found, click the "Open" button to add the file to the list of files to upload.

Important Note:

BI xPress Server cannot access SSIS files set using the "Encrypt all with user key" protection level.

Files set to "Encrypt sensitive with User Key" may experience unintended consequences. SSIS will associate these files to the user configured to run BI xPress Server's Application Pool's user key.

4.   Users must set the password for any files that need a password

5.   Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for each file the user wishes to upload to apply or remove the Auditing Framework

6.   After selecting the files to upload, click "Upload files" to begin upload process

7.   Users can choose which packages they wish to add / remove the Auditing Framework

8.  After selecting the file(s), click "Next" or select "Actions" from the navigation panel