Package Execution Panel

The Monitoring Console's package execution panel displays a listed summary of the most recent executions within the BI xPress Database. The package execution panel provides the user with three main functions: execution name, execution summary, and execution selection.

1.   Package Executions Header: Contains several options for adjusting the displaying of package executions

Collapses all package groups when grouping is enabled

Toggles between organizing the package execution panel by groups or by package

Contains settings for filtering executions based on a specific set of rules

2.   Execution Name: Located in the upper left hand corner of each execution, this displays the name of the package that was executed

3.   Execution Summary: Each execution displays a visual and textual summary for the specific execution

1.   Status: The background color of each execution visually describes the current status for the package

1.    Red: Package completed with at least one errors

2.    Green: Package completed successfully without errors

3.    Yellow: Package is still running

4.    Blue: Package has been stopped during execution

2.    Date and Runtime: The date located on the left of the execution describes when this execution occurred, while the time located on the right represents how long the package executed before completing

4.   Execution Selection: In addition to providing users with the name and status of executions, the package execution panel also controls which execution will be displayed within the other Execution Diagram.