Multi-domain Considerations

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Multi-Domain Considerations

Important Note:

Pragmatic Works Software does NOT provide support nor do we suggest these scenarios

Almost all of the modifications require altering operating system, Internet Information Services, and domain settings. Proceed with caution and always make a backup before modifying anything.

The methods described below are for advanced IT administrators who are comfortable with and have been allowed to alter any required settings and/or security protocols.  These helpful hints are only for illustrative purposes and each environment will have its own unique requirements and hurdles.

Workbench Server is a robust software suite that can span multiple assets within an organization, even those that lie on different Microsoft Windows Domains.  Below are some helpful hints and recommendations for implementing a multi-domain installation.

  Workbench Server and SQL Server Databases are in different domains - Hosting the Workbench Server within a domain other than the SQL Server databases can be accomplished using Windows Authentication or SQL Authentication, assuming that necessary firewalls and ports have been opened and allowed to communicate.

  Users and Workbench Server are in different domains -  If users are in a different domain than the Workbench Server computer, then trust between domains need to be established.