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The Activities page provides users with a historical record of all actions taken across each product feature during the current session as well as the ability to search activities that occurred in previous sessions.

Table of Contents

  Activities Search

Besides providing users with historical records of each activity, the Activities page also contains useful information regarding to the activity's feature, title, information, status, date started or ended, and the activity log.

1.   Feature: In the upper left corner of each activity, the name of the Feature that generated the activity is displayed

2.   Title: On the same line as the Feature Name separated by a colon (:), the title of the activity describes the action that occurred within the activity

3.   Information: Below the Feature and Activity Title is a general description of the current status of the activity

4.   Status: The background color of each activity visually describes the current status for the activity

1.   Red: Activity completed with at least one errors

2.   Green: Activity completed successfully without errors

1.   Yellow: Activity completed with warnings

3.   Blue: Activity is still either still running, manually stopped, or completed with information

2.   Date Started or Ended: On the far right of the activity displays either the date the activity started or ended depending on the current status of the activity.

3.   Activity Log: By double-clicking on an activity, users can view a more detailed activity log.