Workbench Features

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Workbench Features

After Pragmatic Workbench is installed, launching Pragmatic Workbench will automatically direct you to the Workbench toolbar with the Feature Finder page selected.

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  Feature Finder


  Preferences Overview

  Tab Preview

In the upper left hand corner of Pragmatic Workbench is a toolbar button that allows users the ability to minimize and maximize the Workbench toolbar. The Workbench toolbar contains six options that will help users either navigate to or configure features:

1.   Feature Finder: The Feature Finder provides users the ability to quickly navigate to each feature present within Pragmatic Workbench.

2.   Activities: The Activities page provides users with a historical record of all actions taken across each product feature during the current session as well as the ability to search activities that occurred in previous sessions.

3.   Open: The Open option provides users with a quick way to open supported files and will intelligently launch the best feature for the selected file.

4.   Open Recent: The Open Recent option provides users with a quick list of recently opened files that a user can select and will intelligently launch the best feature for the selected file.

5.   Preferences: The Preferences page provides users with feature specific options that will allow users to customize the behavior of each feature to their liking.

6.   Help: The Help page provides users with the ability to check for product updates, activate / deactivate licenses, and view product versions.