Activating Pragmatic Workbench

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How do I activate or update my installation of Pragmatic Workbench?

Product activation occur within the Pragmatic Workbench help tab. This tab manages licensing and version information. It also provides you with quick access to view local help documentation.

1.   To activate any Workbench product, within workbench, navigate to the help page

2.   For the product you wish to activate, select "Register" or "Modify"

3.   This will launch the Licensing window. There are two ways to activate your product: automatic and manual activation

o   Automatic Activation: Click "Use an activation key" if you have have an activation key and access to the internet

o   Manual Activation: Click "Activate manually without Internet connection" if you need help from the SentryOne's Support staff or do not have access to the internet.

Automatic Activation

4.   If you select "Use an activation key", paste or type the activation key within the provided text box. If its format is valid, a green check will appear. Click "Activate".

Manual Activation

5.   If you clicked "Activate manually without Internet connection", click the "Copy Details to Clipboard" button.    

6.   Paste the copied information within an e-mail addressed to SentryOne Support.

7.   A SentryOne Support representative will provide you with a manual key. Paste the manual key within the provided text box and then click "Activate".

8.   Upon activating, the licensing window displays a list of all currently activated products

Important Note

Upgrading or downgrading your installation is easy. When you get a new key for a different version of the product, follow the steps above.