Setting up a Filter Tree

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Setting Up A Filter Tree

When first setting up a filter, the filter screen is displayed as follows 


The only element in the filter is the filter root, and the properties of the filter root are displayed at the bottom. To add new elements to the filter, you simply right click on the element where you would like to add a new child element. This provides a sub-menu, allowing you to choose the type of element that you would like to add.


Important Note

You can only add child elements to compound filters (And, Or, Exclusive Or & the root filter).


The buttons on the right hand side of the screen allow you to clear the filter and start again (New), load and save from the palette, import and export the filter to a file, and see a list of the recently used filters.


If a filter has been saved to the palette, it is available for use for filtering in all Pragmatic Works applications. You can also insert the contents of a filter in the palette as a sub-element of a filter by right clicking on the element to be the parent, and selecting 'Add From Filter Palette' and then choosing the relevant filter. This way, a series of complex filters can be combined into one filter quickly and easily.


The import and export filter buttons simply allow the definition of a filter to be saved as XML separately, so that it can be shared with colleagues, or backed up.


The recently used button pops up a list of the recently used filters, allowing a filter to be re-used quickly and easily without the need to save it.


After clicking on OK, the filter is shown in the object browser as a new tree. Right clicking on this tree gives the option to remove it, or to edit the filter associated with it. Note that filter trees are collapsed as much as possible. So, a filter tree which would only show stored procedures, simply shows the stored procedures under the main tree node, and the 'Programmability' and 'Stored Procedures' nodes are removed.