View Action Plan

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View Action Plan

The action plan screen shows a breakdown of the schema modifications that will be performed. At the top the source is shown on the left, and the target that will be modified is shown on the right.


Users can also choose to include object dependencies and to enable output controls. By enabling output controls, users can choose which objects to include / exclude from the change script.

Important Note:

Enabling output control allows users to skip individual elements from change scripts. By doing so, users may end up with a script that is broken. For example, because a dependent object can no longer be created. Please carefully check any generated scripts.

There is also a drop down list allowing you to select the version of SQL Server that you want the generated script to run against. This defaults to the server version of the target when using either a database or a snapshot as the target. When using blank as the target, this defaults to the server version of the source.


To go back to the view differences screen, press the back button.


Before synchronizing, a synchronization method must be chosen. You can then click the Synchronize button to begin the synchronization process. This starts with the generation of scripts.