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View Differences

Once comparison is complete, the view differences screen is shown 


At the top of the display, the names of the two data sources being compared are shown on their respective left and right hand sides. The arrow points from the source to the target, and the target is always colored red. The direction of synchronization remains fixed in Data Inspector, from left (source) to right (target).


Each item shows the number of rows in the source database only, the number of rows in both databases with differences and the number of rows in the target database only. The check boxes next to each class of row difference can be ticked or un-ticked to specify whether those rows are included in the synchronization. To select all or none of the items in a particular category, click on the green tick or red cross at the right hand side of the category.


Clicking on the Synchronize button will take you to the next screen, the view action plan screen.


Clicking on the show grid button will display the data difference grid. Data inspector is unique in showing row differences as a normal grid with a vertical split. Rows which are only in the target are highlighted blue, rows which are only in the source are highlighted in green. Data differences between the two sides are highlighted in red, and NULL values are highlighted in yellow. Notice that multiple highlights can be combined (for example NULL and different produce an orange color). You can select portions of the grid in the usual way, and the selection is displayed symmetrically on the left and right hand sides.



Clicking on the refresh button will re-load the comparison, and clicking on settings will allow you to change the settings prior to synchronization.