Creating Your DOC xPress Solution

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Creating Your DOC xPress Solution

1.   Click on DOC xPress.

2.   If not already connected to a DOC xPress database, and you do not already have a DOC xPress database created, create one now by clicking "New Metabase".  Click the "Browse" button, provide the server name, security information (if using Windows Authentication, leave as Integrated Security), then click "OK".


3.   If you wish to change the metabase name, do so here. Then, click "Create metabase".

4.   If you have already created a DOC xPress database and would like to connect to it, click "Change Connection", provide your server name and credentials, choose the database from the  drop-down list, and click "OK".

5.   If this is the first solution you have added, the solution wizard will run first to help you add a solution otherwise continue to step 6.

6.   Click "Add" to create a new Solution.  

7.   Name the solution something meaningful, and click "OK".

8.   The next screen will prompt you to name the item and then select a source type, depending on your source the steps to complete may vary. Please follow the guides found on Adding Solution Items for more explicit steps.