Creating a Snapshot

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Creating A Snapshot

1.   Create or open an existing solution. Once items have been added to the solution, Click 'Take Snapshot'. This option can be found at the top and bottom of the window. You may also select an individual solution item and click the "Snapshot" button to the right of the items pane to take a snapshot of just that individual item. Dependencies of all solution items will be updated at this time.

2.   DOC xPress will display an activity monitor as the snapshot is created. This window can be sent to the background by clicking the button in the bottom-right ("To Background"). This will hide the Activity Monitor from view and allow you to continue working. If you wish to re-open the Activity Monitor, or check on the snapshot progress, click "Activities" from the Workbench ribbon bar.

3.   Once complete, DOC xPress will display results of the snapshot process. This can be copied to the clip board if needed by clicking the 'Copy Details' button.

Important Note:

After a snapshot has completed, you can expand and navigate the metadata for a solution item by using the Metadata Viewer. Simply select the item you wish to explore, and left click on the "View" button located on the right side of the Items Panel.