Document Control

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Document Control

Within the template folder for DOC xPress you will find the document control file named defaultTemplate.documentControl. This file is responsible for setting what is and is not displayed within templates and Structure Maps using output type flags that are set in the Generate Documentation dialog box.

By clicking the arrow to the right of the Output Type drop down menu, you can set your own custom Output styles.

After clicking the arrow, it opens the "Specify included output items" window. Here you will check or uncheck the desired output items for your custom selection. Here you can name and save your selection.

This method will not update the Document Control file, however you can edit a copied version of the Document Control file to add your own Output Types and select the flags you want. If you add your own <OutputType> tag you will then add the name to each <Flag> tag and set it to either True or False to choose whether or not it outputs that type. Keep in mind that each Flag inherits the boolean from its parent, so setting the parent False, automatically disables all of its children Flags.

Output Style Added Via Document Control:

The added output type showing in Generate documentation window: