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Documentation Command Line

1.   Once a snapshot of your solution has been created, you may generate documentation.  To do this from the command line, you must first create a Documentation Request file.  Set your layout in the DOC xPress UI, and then click the "Create documentation request file" button at the bottom right.

2.   You will be prompted to select a type of output (or multiple types, if you prefer), and set the location that the output will be stored.

3.   Once you have set the output type and location, click "OK" and select a directory for the documentation request file.

4.   Next, as with the snapshot generation, run the "DocxPress.exe" executable from the command prompt and specify the documentation request file.

5.   Your entire command should appear as:

o   C:\Program Files (x86)\Pragmatic Works\Pragmatic Workbench>DOCXPRESS.exe "C:\directoryname\documentationrequest.xml"

6.   After the execution has run, your documentation will be output into the directory you specified in the step above.