Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pragmatic Workbench Frequently Asked Questions

  Common Activation Warnings with Pragmatic Workbench
  How do I activate or upgrade my installation of Pragmatic Workbench?
  How do I deactivate my installation of Pragmatic Workbench?

  Why do my icons have a lock in the upper left hand corner?

DOC xPress Frequently Asked Questions

  How can I manage and purge old snapshots stored within DOC xPress?

  How do I customize the way my documentation looks?

  How do I generate a snapshot using the command line application?

  How do I make documentation using the command line application?

  Installing the DOC xPress database to an AlwaysOn High Availability Group

  What are the DOC xPress trial limitations?

  What features are available for each of the providers?

  Why is a provider not showing up within the Source Type drop down menu?

  My evaluation period has ended. Will I lose the snapshots I have already created when I enter my license?

  What are the required permissions needed by DOC xPress Users?

  What are the system requirements for DOC xPress to work properly?

  Where can I find a list of the supported Structure Maps that are included with my installation?

  Why can't I view the CHM files created by DOC xPress?

  Why are there yellow warning symbols within my Solution's Layout?