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When the Metadata Viewer is first opened, it will be divided into two sections: Metadata Tree and Object Properties. In addition to these two panels, the Search Panel can also be displayed.

Metadata Tree

The Metadata Tree Panel is located on the left of the Metadata Viewer and is used to manually explore an object's metadata by expanding/collapsing nodes within the Metadata Tree. Each node within the Metadata Tree contains two items: The object name and the object type.

1.   Object Name: The Object Name represents the name given to the object as displayed within your environment. The Object Name is commonly the most familiar name that you might use for that particular object and is used by DOC xPress to name match an object to Templates from a specific Structure Map when generating documentation.

2.   Object Type: The Object Type represents the object's class and is used by DOC xPress to type match an object to Templates from a specific Structure Map when generating documentation.

Object Properties Panel

The Object Properties Panel is located on the right of the Metadata Viewer and displays details for the currently selected Object within the Metadata Tree or Search Panel. In addition to the object properties, you can also display object details and as well as enable the display of a property value textbox that allows you to copy values from the currently selected property.

1.   Show Object Details: Displays specific metadata properties for the currently selected object. Though most of these properties can be found by default within the Metadata Tree (Object Name and Object Type), the Object Path is particularly important when building paths through the Search Panel or for Structure Maps.

2.   Show Property Value: Displays a selectable textbox at the bottom of the Object Properties Panel that allows the user to select and copy the property's value out of the Metadata tree. Property Value textbox is particularly valuable extracting DDL Scripts and other properties that may contain long strings.

Search Panel

The Search Panel allows you to use the Workbench Path Language to dynamically search a Metadata tree for the currently scoped object that fit specific criteria. The Search Panel can be displayed by selecting "Show search panel" from the Metadata Viewer ribbon located at the top of the plug-in.

Important Note:

For more information on the Workbench Path Language syntax used within the Metadata Viewer, please click here.

In addition to searching the Metadata tree, the Search Panel is a valuable tool for assisting in creating custom Structure Maps.

When using the Search Panel, the Metadata Tree Panel can toggle between viewing a filtered tree that only displays the Search results that match the path, or the full metadata tree.

1.   Show Tree: When on the Search Results Panel, the "Show Tree" button will be enabled and allows users to switch between displaying the search results for the currently filtered and the unfiltered metadata tree.

2.   Show Search Results: When on the Metadata Tree Panel and a valid search has been initiated, the "Show Search Results" button will be enabled and allows users to switch between displaying the unfiltered and filtered metadata tree.

Important Note:

The Search Panel will display search results based on the scope of the currently selected item. If the scope changes, typically by selecting a node from within the Metadata Tree or the Search Results, then it is very likely that the path selector used to search will no longer display results.