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The ChildObjectsSubStructure node is used to explicitly search for another Structure Map that matches the object type for each object that matches the selector. ChildObjectsSubStructure nodes are used to create a more flexible Structure Map that allows for more object types within the solution's layout to return a formated document. A ChildObjectsSubStructure node should contain no child nodes.


This ChildObjectsSubStructure node returns all children of the parent node and attempts to match each child's object type to another structure map for use within the Documentation:

<ChildObjectsSubStructure selector="./" />

Required Attributes

selector - Uses Path Grammar or an $Object Selector to select one or more objects that the current node applies to. The selector is always scoped to the parent node.

Optional Attributes

condition - Uses Path Grammar or an $Object Selector to dynamically show/hide nodes based on whether or not the Path Grammar or $Object Selector returns at least one object. The condition is always scoped to the parent node.

flag - Used in conjunction with the defaultTemplate.documentControl file to associate the current node's flag value with the name value as detailed within the defaultTemplate.documentControl file. During documentation, if the associated flag was set to "False", then DOC xPress will skip the current node and will not include it within the documentation.