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Importing Solutions and Solution Items

This feature takes the obfuscated snapshot file created from an exported snapshot and includes them in a new or existing solutions. You can even import them into new DOC xPress databases.

1.   From the Snapshot Management page, click "Import."

2.   Here, you will be presented with a Windows Explorer window that will allow you to select the .dxm file that contains the snapshots you wish to import.

3.   On this page, you can select which objects you wish to import, whether you want to import them into an existing or new solution, and the name you want for each solution item. Be sure to rename any solution items that may have the same name as an existing solution item (this error is denoted by a red x).

4.   After you've chosen which objects to import, click the Import button.

5.   Finally, choose whether to run a dependency scan on the new solution items.

Important Note

Since you have added solution items to your solution, you should conduct a new dependency scan to rebuild the lineage history of the solution. However, this can be done at a later time, but your lineage may be out of date until it is conducted.