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Snapshot Management

The Snapshot Management feature in DOC xPress gives users an easy way to keep track of and maintain snapshots in the DOC xPress repository.

Feature Highlights

  Easily import and export entire solutions or individual solution items

  Manage repository size by purging snapshots that are no longer needed

Table of Contents

  Exporting Solutions and Solution Items

  Importing Solutions and Solution Items

  Purging Solution and Solution Item History

  Viewing Solution and Solution Item History

  Rescan Dependencies

  Exploring Solution Item Metadata

Tutorial Video

Solution Management

The Solution Management page allows you to manage all of the solutions within your DOC xPress metabase.  From this screen you can export solutions, import solutions, purge a solution's history, or view a solution's history.

Solution Item Management

1.   From the Solutions page of the Snapshot Management add-in, select a solution that you wish to manage and then choose "Open."

2.   This opens the solution to show all solution items within. From here, the user may expand the hierarchy to view child objects and  can export solution items, import solution items, purge a solution item's history, view a solution item's history, or even view a solution item's metadata.

View History

Users can view the history of their solutions by clicking the "History" button. The History panel displays a list of extracted snapshots.

Rescan Dependencies

Users can trigger a dependency scan by clicking the rescan button. This dependency scan does not take a new snapshot. Instead, it rebuilds the lineage used within Lineage Analysis for the latest snapshot. If connected to a DOC xPress Server instance, it also notifies the server to refresh the solution's metadata. It could take several minutes for the changes to appear within DOC xPress Server.

Metadata Viewer

The Metadata Viewer can be used to navigate the metadata for a specific solution item. To navigate to the metadata viewer, click on the solution item you wish to view, and then click the "View" button to navigate to the Metadata Viewer.