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Data Dictionary

DOC xPress Server's Data Dictionary provides users with web browser access the ability to annotate the objects within a DOC xPress snapshot, including additional information and comments. Users often want to capture additional information as part of their documentation. Information like SLAs, persons responsible for the data, timeliness of the data, and other attributes can be captured using DOC xPress Server's Data Dictionary. By adding annotations to existing objects in the DOC xPress repository, users can capture any additional information they desire.

To access the Data Dictionary page, simply click the Data Dictionary on the top navigation bar. Once on the page you will see all available solutions. The solutions on the page can be sorted by: Date Created, Name, Last Updated, Last Snapshot, and Last Refreshed. They can also be displayed in Ascending or Descending order.

Important Note:

To manage your Data Dictionary categories for editing within DOC xPress Server, use DOC xPress Professional Edition's Data Dictionary plug-in.

To access a Data Dictionary for a given solution, simply click the solution you wish to view. Doing so will take you to the solutions page. At the top of the page you will see details of the solution, and in the bottom pane you will see the solution items.

On this page the user can click on the different items to view a description. If an item has a Data Dictionary entry or a pending change you will see an icon next to it. The user can also edit or add a description to the item. Once the description is entered you can either save the entry now, or if you will be adding multiple descriptions to other items, you can add the descriptions you desire then use the save all icon.


Denotes the item has Data Dictionary entries.

Denotes the item has a pending change.

Denotes the item was not saved successfully.

Saves all pending changes.

Cancels all pending changes.

Deletes pending change for this item only.