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DOC xPress Server works alongside DOC xPress. The solutions, solution items, snapshots, and data dictionary categories that are used in DOC xPress Server are created and maintained by DOC xPress. When a solution is added to the DOC xPress metabase that used by DOC xPress Server, it is then pushed to DOC xPress Server automatically to be available for all users with proper permissions.

Generally, the administrator using DOC xPress will be responsible for setting up solutions and snapshot updates so those too will automatically be pushed to the server. Once on the server, any user who has permission to access the solution items, will be able to generate documentation and snapshot comparisons. These end users will not need DOC xPress installed on their machine in order to have access to these features.

Table of Contents

  Data Dictionary


  Lineage Analysis

  Remote Agent


  Snapshot Comparison

  Visual Studio Extension

Important Note:

You can manage your DOC xPress Solutions, create Snapshots, and create Data Dictionary categories through DOC xPress Professional Edition.

1.   Through the DOC xPress Desktop Application, clients create a metabase. This metabase is used by the server as a part of the DOC xPress Server Storage and stores all of the raw metadata for a solution: snapshots, lineage, and data dictionary categories.

2.   Once a snapshot has been take and stored within the metabase, DOC xPress Server then uses the Data Handler Service to optimize the raw metadata for viewing within DOC xPress Server.

3.   DOC xPress Server can configure remote agents services that run in the background and periodically scans and generates snapshots that are stored within the DOC xPress metabase

When you first load the DOC xPress Server you will be greeted with the following screen:

From here you can use the top bar to navigate through the DOC xPress Server. Clicking the DOC xPress server link at the top left will bring you back to the "Let's Get Started" page. To the right of that link you have access to the following features:

At the top right you will also see three icons:

Search - The search icon will bring you to a search page when clicked. On pages that can be searched, a search box will appear next to it.

Profile - Give access to your user account. Clicking on the icon will show your user name, clicking the user name will bring you to the "Manage Account" page.

Settings - When clicking this you will see a link to System Settings, Solution Security, and Remote Agents. The system settings are for all products on Workbench Server and will only be viewable by users that have been assigned a role that is a part of the "Administration" action.