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The features page will list all installed Workbench Server products. Administrators will be able to allocate users, see the version, whether it is or is not a trial, and disable or enable beta features.

From here you can click on a feature to view all users that are currently consuming a user-license for that particular feature. By default, Workbench Server will hand out licenses to users who log in until all user-licenses have been consumed.

Some features may still be in a beta. By default, those features will be disabled. To enable beta features for general use within Workbench Server, click the enable button.

Adding Users to a Feature

Administrators can add users to a specific feature by clicking the "Add users to..." button. This extends the pane to allow searching for users. Leaving the search bar blank allows users the ability to search a list of all users that have access to Workbench Server. To add the user(s), click the check box next to their name and then click the "Add users..." button next to the search bar.

Important Note:

When new features are installed to your Workbench Server server, users will automatically be added to the freshly installed Feature from the Default Role. If no role is currently set as the Default Role, users from the Administration Role will be automatically added instead..

Removing Users from a Feature

You can remove users from a specific feature by clicking the check box next to each user that you wish to remove and then clicking the "Remove users from..." button.