Lineage Analysis

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Lineage Analysis

Lineage Analysis allows users with web browser access to answer the following two very important questions:

  Where did this data come from?

  Where is this data used?

A huge time-drain for all types of SQL developers and DBA's, whether focused on BI or not, is tracing the lineage and impact of data within a system. Lineage Analysis eases this strain by enabling users the ability to explore the dependencies in their environment.  

Feature Highlights

  Diagrammatic and interactive form saves users many hours

  Speeds up development by giving users the ability to view dependencies clearly

  Enables users to pinpoint the source of data in objects

  Allows business analysts to make clear judgments about the correctness of data

  Enables users to easily identify areas where error may be introduced

Table of Contents

  Visual View

  Text View

To access this information, click on Lineage Analysis located on the top navigation bar. Once loaded, users will be shown all available solutions within the DOC xPress repository containing Lineage Analysis. These solutions can be sorted by: Date Created, Name, Last Updated, Last Snapshot, and Last Refreshed. They then can be placed in Ascending or Descending order.

From here users can click on a solution to go to the Lineage page for that solution. By default, users will be directed to Lineage Analysis' Visual View. If users wish to view a textual version of Lineage Analysis, click the Text View button () located on the Lineage Analysis header.